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About Leyla

Leyla the healer's purpose in this life is to assist people heal at the deepest level possible in order to live an aligned and healthy life. She started out her journey as a clinical mental health counselor as she's always had a desire to help others. Her specialities in working with people cover a range of experiences such as; trauma, anxiety, OCD, depression, suicide, self-harm, addictions, and more. 


Leyla went through her own spiritual awakening by incorporating Reiki into her healing and self-care journey. She believes that in order for her to be a healer, she must first lead by example and commit to her own healing journey as well. Receiving Reiki opened many doors and changed her life. She discovered more about her unique gifts and decided to become a Reiki Master. She went on to align more with her purpose by receiving training in Mediumship and Hypnotherapy. 


If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down

- Buddha

Leyla Bavi

In addition to her empathy, intuition, counseling skills, and energy work, she also channels spirit in many ways. Leyla is a natural born clairaudient, she can hear spirit and has conversations with them. Spirit includes; higher powers, spirit guides, angels, and departed loved ones. Spirit also delivers messages to Leyla through automatic writing, she will use pen and paper during sessions and ask spirit what they want to communicate. Leyla is also clairsentient and will feel somatic symptoms that provide more healing information. She uses her clairaudient, clairsentient, and automatic writing gifts to deliver messages to clients and help them heal from their present and past life wounds. 

Leyla's energy and personality has been described as friendly, vibrant, direct, empathetic, and genuine. She doesn't shy away from the darkest parts of life as she's been there too. She knows the best way to heal, is to go through it and be supported by others along the way. Everyone's journey looks different and that's okay. Leyla is here to help you with wherever you're at in life and assist you in discovering the best path forward for your ultimate alignment. 

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