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The moon's cycles are powerful and its important to be especially mindful of our current life situation and what we'd like to change. The full moon's energy is to release ideas, beliefs, behaviors, people, or situations that are no longer serving our highest good. New moons are an excellent time to focus on what we would like to attract and welcome into our life to help us keep achieving our soul's purpose.

In this Group Reiki and Sound Healing Session, you will set intentions for each Full and New Moons. Leyla and Sarah will use oracle cards in order to channel messages for you from Spirit. Then they will play instruments while you meditate and receive healing Reiki energy. Music will include powerful singing bowls, singing, and intuitive clarinet playing.

This is especially powerful as it is in a group setting. When we join our energies together, we experience a special catharsis. You will likely hear others share about similar feelings and situations that resonate with you. As you join in meditation, you will feel the healing Reiki flowing through your chakras and releasing stagnant energetic blocks. The vibration and frequencies of the singing bowls will seal this new energy in your body and soul. As we work with the moon to call in our dreams, expect to feel powerful shifts occur and see ripple effects throughout your life afterwards.

sound healing

Group Reiki and Sound Healing

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