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Image by Katherine Hanlon

Healing in Alignment


Are you ready to take a deeper dive into  healing?  Do you feel like you're ready to  transform  but feeling blocked? Are you stuck in the same patterns and don't know how to  move on?

Healing in Alignment is a package of combined services with one Spirit Reiki and one Hypnotherapy session. First, you will take a deep dive with Leyla in Spirit Reiki. In meditation, you will receive 55 minutes of healing Reiki energy while Leyla connects with your Spirit team. Then you will spend 30 minutes in discussion about what is blocking you and what your Spirit team wants to tell you.

In the next session, Leyla will conduct a Hypnotherapy session and take you into trance. The intention is to clear the blocks revealed in Spirit Reiki to help reprogram your subconscious beliefs and patterns. Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool in which you are able to integrate important changes at an unconscious level. Hypnotherapy is not brain washing or sleeping, it is you displaying self-control at the highest level. Leyla will walk you through understanding Hypnotherapy and trance before moving into the trance portion. The total time is about an hour for the hypnotherapy session. You can expect powerful shifts to happen in order to move past limiting beliefs and move closer to achieving your highest good.

These both are very relaxing services that will help you transform. Rely on your spirit team to bring up what's bothering your soul and then move past the blocks in hypnotherapy. 

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