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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Inner Child Healing Reiki Session

Do you have inner child wounds aching to be healed? Do you have childhood trauma and still experience residual suffering as an adult? Did you not feel accepted or cared for when you were little by your caregivers? Our inner child is our younger self that holds onto it's experiences from 0-8 years old. These are the most influential years but we can also hold onto experiences after 8 years old. Our subconscious integrates our experiences into patterns of behavior we continue to relive until we are able to recognize and reprogram them.

In this session, you will share up to 3 memories from childhood for Leyla to help you reprogram. Through meditation, Leyla will talk to your soul's inner child and help them recreate the memory. By telling them what they needed to hear, helping them release what they felt, and changing the situation to give them what they needed, your inner child will experience deep healing.

The session is split in half to allow enough time for you to share your childhood experiences and to reflect at the end on the changes Leyla implemented. You will spend 45 minutes in meditation while receiving Reiki, and spend 45 minutes discussing with Leyla. These sessions have been extremely powerful for deep healing of the inner child. If your inner child is hurting, you will feel it in your adult life on many levels. Help your inner child feel heard, safe, and seen by diving deep into this session.

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