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Sacred Home Reiki Clearing Sessions 

NJ residents only, *outside of 20 mile radius there will be a mileage fee* 

Our home is more than just a building, it is our sacred space and should feel it is serving our highest good. Everything carries energy since anything physical is made up of atoms. The power of reiki can be harnessed and used for people, animals, AND our things! Perhaps your home is feeling off in it's energy or perhaps you just moved into a new space. If you are having any difficulty with your home, this may be the the ideal session for you! 


Leyla will come into your home to utilize both smoke cleansing using sage and use Reiki to clear energy. She will meditate and focus on moving out stuck, stagnant, or negative energies. She will set intentions in your space so you can vibe the highest and feel comfortable in your home. If she senses any entities that are not a part of your spirit team or ancestors, using smoke cleansing she will clear them out of the home. The goal is for your environment to feel relaxing so you can grow, manifest and thrive in your home space!

Thank you, I will get back in touch with you soon.

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