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Sacred Soul Alignment

Sacred soul alignment is where spirtuality and coaching meet! Perhaps you've been to traditional therapy or coaching and haven't felt heard. Perhaps you've felt misunderstood because you have a sacred spiritual soul. Perhaps you want to manifest a life of alignment and not sure where to start. If you're a spiritual person and have been looking for coaching that provides clarity and direction, this is for you!



Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed,
it means the damage no longer controls our life


Dive into a 1:1 session with Leyla to discover how to align your soul to the highest frequency. Leyla will use counseling techniques, intuition, empathy, oracle card pulls, and her channel to talk to spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones, and your spirit team. Leyla will deliver these messages and discuss ways to unblock areas of your life and energy.


Suppressed emotions may surface and she will guide you through the experience empathically. She has been working 1:1 with clients for over 5 years and is excited to step into this spiritual coaching role to work with you! 

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