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Spirit Reiki

Spirit Reiki is a unique experience full of healing and unexpected visitations from the spiritual world. 

You may or may not have heard of Reiki before. In traditional Reiki, the practitioner removes blocks and clears energy from your chakras (energy centers) in your body. In past sessions, Leyla has connected with past lives, ancestors, departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and psychic impressions. This is what sets Spirit Reiki apart from traditional Reiki. 


Reiki is just as powerful done remotely as it would be in person. Energy knows no bounds and in the comfort of each of your homes, you and Leyla will be relaxed and comfortable as you each meditate. If meditation is difficult for you, being as relaxed as possible will also be highly effective. 


In this session, you will connect with your spiritual, emotional, and physical body through Reiki. In past sessions, clients have reported feeling warm as if they were being held. During and after the session, expect to feel deeply relaxed and have energetic blocks removed within your body and soul. 


Leyla asks that before the session, you set intentions and ask your spirit team questions. These sessions have been very powerful and past clients have focused on trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and self-purpose. If you are feeling lost, this is a great first step and a sign that you should book here. This session is 90 minutes long, 55 minutes of Reiki and the rest will be talking about what came up for you from your spirit team.

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